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September 19 - October 5

Artist Reception: October 4, 6-9 

Undergraduate and Graduate Students from 9 States and Ontario who were currently in school or  completed school within the 2018/2019 academic year were invited to submit work for the SculptureX 2019 exhibition . Of the more than 200 works submitted, 40 were selected for inclusion.   Congratulations to the following artists ! 

Brock Ailes (SECOND PRIZE) 

Dave Braun


Shawn Campbell (FIRST PRIZE) 

Elizabeth Cote

Laura Dirksen

Tyler Gaston

Summer Gobrecht

Caroline Guidice

Lucas Jankovsky

Emily Leach

Jennifer Masley

Adwowa A. P. Obeng-osei

Dominic Palarchio

Tom Reihart

David Ross

Goldie Schmiedeler

Meagan Smith (THIRD PRIZE) 

Bridget Stamp

Claudia Tommasi

Toomas Toomepuu

Shockley Traub

Emma Wilson

Isabel Zeng

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